Eric Trosko
Winter SceneAnimist Vortex with BowsTrunks and GoopSpills CollideSocks with Mystical SymbolSocks with Mystical SymbolSnowman 2Snowman 1A Racial AllegoryDenizens of LightPortal With Colorful TapeA Narrow EscapeMystical CreatureJoin The partyIn The StreamHigh DesignForget The Night, Remember The DayFor RuthFissure of FleshFestival BarrierFeast of DefeatEncoded OffspringConifer ElleguaElephantAn Insidious momentDay in the ParkDouble ShieldThe Red LegCubist PaintingBlind DuckyChin ScapeColorful BandagesA VoidWhat Colors Are These that Shine Like the Light of TomorrowAn Erotic SceneThe Corrosive Power of the UnknownA Desert SceneDouble Anonymous DeerGatheringFarewell to DoughboyIn the Floor of the Cathedral There is a View of SpaceLand of SpadesMaybe the World Will End, Maybe It Won'tPlatonia StudyInfernoColor Set No. 1House of BloodThey Do Not Come For UsA Dimensional Portal Sparkles, an Invitation to the Unknown...Cloud ControlAnonymous Deer
Paintings on Paper